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How to buy a property with an SMSF - 2015 Edition (NEW and Upgraded)

How to buy a property with an SMSF - (NEW and Upgraded)

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Did you know that you can now use your superannuation (SMSF) to buy an investment property? Would you like to find out how?

This eBook has been written to help you navigate this new investment opportunity.

Potential benefits of buying a property through your superannuation fund (if appropriate for you):

  • Potentially fast track the growth of your super fund (if you choose your property investment well and it grows in value)
  • Significantly reduce the cost of buying your investment property on an after tax basis
  • Ability to combine the total superannuation of a family towards a property investment
  • Significantly reduce your Capital Gains Tax (potentially to zero)

In this eBook you will discover:

  • What you can and cannot do in a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)
  • Benefits of using an SMSF to buy a property
  • Challenges and pitfalls to need to know about
  • Using the correct trust structures
  • Know how to correctly source and set up the finance
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Case study

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