Consolidating Your Super – The Ultimate Guide (and mistakes to avoid)

The purpose of this eBook is to provide information on consolidating super. If you’ve changed jobs over the years, it’s likely that you’ll have more than one superannuation account.

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Top 10 Things To Know About VicSuper

VicSuper is one of the largest public sector super funds in Australia. Many of our prospective and existing clients have VicSuper accounts. We have written this eBook for them.

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Top 16 Ideas & Insights into Annuities

Many investors feel that they don’t understand annuities and find them confusing, but they can be a powerful part of a diversified portfolio.

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15 Tax and Investment Mistakes to Avoid for SMSF Direct Share Investors

Direct share ownership is a very popular mode of investing for SMSF trustees. That being said, there are investment and tax mistakes that are best avoided.

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Top 15 Super and Tax Strategies

Superannuation and taxation can’t be avoided in Australia. Learn strategies on how you can use these financial vices to enhance your situation.

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Establishing and Operating a Self Managed Super Fund

Are you considering establishing your own Self Managed Super Fund? This unique eBook has been written specifically for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to LRBAs

We have produced this eBook to help shed light on a wide range of both simple and complex issues relating to LRBAs (Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements).

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Top 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up an SMSF

An SMSF is a very important decision. The fewer mistakes you make the better. This eBook is written for anyone considering an SMSF and is not sure of what to expect.

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8 Most Important Things to Know About My QSuper

Many of our Queensland clients have a QSuper account, we have noticed over the years a range of questions and uncertainties regarding how QSuper works.

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The Benefits of Investing in Australian Residential Property

Australian residential property has performed admirably over the last 40-50 years and created substantial wealth for a large portion of the Austrailan population.

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Your guide to SMSF Property Loans

With the popularity of SMSFs on the rise, more and more Australians are looking at borrowing to invest and buy property with their superannuation.

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Financial planning & superannuation for same sex couples

This eBook provides an overview of the financial planning and superannuation relates issues uniquely faced by same-sex couples in Australia.

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How to buy commercial property in an SMSF

We have produced this eBook so clients have a foundation level understanding on how to invest in Commercial Property within an SMSF.

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Top 13 SMSF Property Mistakes

This eBook has been written to give some insight into the issues that need to be considered and to help you avoid many costly mistakes when buying property in super.

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Our top rated eBook for May 2022

Understanding Insurance Jargon Plus 5 Things To Consider

The purpose of this guide is to take some of the mystery and confusion out of insurance by providing you with an overview of the different types of insurances available.

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