The combination of NRAS and an SMSF can be a very powerful strategy for the right people (and situation). Either in Accumulation or Pension mode. This is a unique eBook that goes into the details of NRAS and SMSFs and how to combine them.

We are finding that too many investors do not fully understand NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) and are being attracted to inferior properties in inferior areas because of the short term lure of extra cashflow from NRAS.

It is imperative that the focus should be on the quality of the area and the quality of the property first and foremost. This is all the more important when allocating funds from an SMSF.

A peek at what’s inside...

By the end of the book, this is what you will know:

  • How to buy property in an SMSF
  • What you can and cannot do in an SMSF
  • Tax benefits of buying property in an SMSF
  • Arranging finance for NRAS property in an SMSF
  • What is NRAS
  • NRAS in Accumulation mode of an SMSF
  • NRAS in Pension mode of an SMSF
  • 10 SMSF Property mistakes to avoid
  • 11 NRAS mistakes to avoid

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