An SMSF is a very important financial planning decision. When operated within the rules they provide a powerful wealth creation tool, however too often SMSF trustees drift ‘outside the flags’ and end up in need of rescue.

To ensure you ‘stay between the flags’ complete our comprehensive SMSF Trustee Program, which comprises 7 lessons. This course is suitable if you have received an education direction from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and are required to complete an approved ATO education course.

Before you begin...

Time to complete

60-90 minutes per lesson

Assessment type

5 multiple choice questions per lesson

When you finish

Certificate of Completion

What you'll learn...

  • Introduction to SMSFs
  • SMSF Trustee Responsibilities
  • Contributing to Superannuation
  • Withdrawing money from superannuation
  • SMSF Investment Rules
  • Taxation of SMSFs
  • Winding up an SMSF