As super is intended to be for our retirement the government imposes conditions on when we can access our funds. This includes retirement at a set age, hardship and invalidity.

Learn about withdrawing money from super as a lump sum and/or an income stream and the different rates of tax applicable. Ensuring benefits are paid to your desired beneficiaries upon death is also covered.

Before you begin...

Time to complete

1.5 hours

Assessment type

Five multiple choice questions

When you finish

2.25 AFA CPD Points (inc. 1 TASA)

What you'll learn...

  • Outline the types of preservation statuses that applies to money in superannuation
  • List the conditions of release to access superannuation
  • Explain the taxation of lump sum payments from superannuation
  • Summarise the income streams payable from superannuation
  • Identify the options for payments from superannuation upon death
  • Compare the available binding death benefit nominations