SMSF trustees have specific obligations to members and regulators when winding an SMSF up. Winding up an SMSF involves closing the fund down so there are no assets left and the fund ceases to exist.

Learn about the steps in winding an SMSF up and record keep obligations after this has occurred.

Before you begin...

Time to complete

1.5 hours

Assessment type

Five multiple choice questions

When you finish

2.25 AFA CPD Points

What you'll learn...

  • List the possible reasons for winding a self-managed super fund up
  • Outline the role of legal and accounting assistance in winding up a self-managed super fund
  • Consider specific factors prior to winding the fund up
  • Outline the process of winding up a self-managed super fund
  • Describe record keeping requirements after the fund has been wound up