How To Transfer Your UK Pension (QROPS)

UK pension transfers to Australia are complicated and time-consuming. This eBook aims to help you understand the continually changing rules on UK pension schemes held by Australian expats.

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Taxation of Employee Share Schemes

If you have shares in an employer/employee share scheme, this eBook has been written to help you navigate some of the questions and issues you may have.

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2017 Superannuation Reform – What this means for you

How will the ‘Fair and Sustainable Superannuation’ package impact you from 1 July 2017? This eBook covers what these changes could mean for you.

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Rentvesting: Your guide to why, when, where and how

A classic question in the property market has always been – buy or rent? Rentvesting allows you to do both. This eBook will help you understand the Rentvesting strategy.

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Top 9 Things to know about Salary Packaging and Mistakes to Avoid

Salary packaging can possibly allow you to pay for expenses from pre-tax salary and increase your net cash flow.

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Top 13 Mistakes to Avoid with Granny Flats

Granny flat construction is on the upward trend in Australia. Be aware of the potential pitfalls before embarking on development of a granny flat.

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6 Things to Understand About the Canberra Property Market Plus top 5 Suburbs

Considering purchasing a property in the nation’s capital?

Discover the top 5 Canberra suburbs to watch.

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Top 23 2016 Budget Superannuation & Tax Changes – And What That Means For You

How will the 2016 Federal Budget impact your superannuation and tax?

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Top 26 End of Year Financial Year Tax & Superannuation Strategies

2016 EOFY strategies that ensure your tax and superannuation affairs are working for you the best they can.

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Buying Property with Super – The Pros & Cons

Did you know you may be able to use your super to buy an investment property? Would you like to find out how? This eBook has been written to help you navigate this opportunity and understand the risks and mistakes to avoid.

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Winding up an SMSF

Winding up or closing an SMSF may occur for a number of reasons such as relationship breakdown or bankruptcy. Learn about trustees’ obligations to members and regulators. Or Learn about the steps in closing an SMSF.

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Taxation of SMSFs

An SMSF is subject to specific concessional taxation rules, so long as the fund complies with the government’s super rules.

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SMSF Investment Rules

There are specific investment rules that must be followed to ensure an SMSF remains eligible for tax concessions. Learn about the types of investments your SMSF can and can’t invest in and lending and borrowing restrictions.

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Withdrawing money from superannuation

In most cases your super cannot be withdrawn until you reach a certain age or retire. Learn about withdrawing your super as a lump sum or in the form of an income stream.

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Contributing to Superannuation

Contributing to super will grow your nest egg to fund your retirement. Learn about the different types of contributions and taxation of each.

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Our top rated eBook for November 2018

Top 15 Super and Tax Strategies

Superannuation and taxation can’t be avoided in Australia. Learn strategies on how you can use these financial vices to enhance your situation.

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