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Wealth Adviser is a division of ASX-listed financial services company WT Financial Group Limited (ASX: WTL).

Both directly and through a number of small and large AFSL groups, we provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services to more than 400 independently-owned financial advice practices across Australia –  from single-adviser practices to large-scale multi-disciplinary multi-office corporatised operations.

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Our philosophy and mission.

Over more than a decade we have brought together a dedicated team who all share a philosophy that places advisers and their clients at the centre of what we do –  our interactions with the advice practices and advisers we support is best described as being one of a collegiate spirit founded on respect.

That respect for advisers is founded on the fact that all our key people know exactly what it’s like to sit with clients every day; we know what’s involved in creating, presenting and implementing advice; we understand the challenges of building and maintaining a practice; and in turn the importance of maintaining and managing client relationships.

We know firsthand what it’s like to deal with ever changing education standards, complex legislative and regulatory overlays, and the many other challenges that our sector has had to confront over recent years.

Advice is at the heart of everything we do.

Fundamentally we approach the entire business with advisers and their client relationships at the centre of what we do –  our mission is to help our advisers get back to being able to actually enjoy the profession we have all chosen.

These foundation stones have ingrained in our corporate DNA an innate understanding of the challenges and opportunities that face independently-owned financial advice practitioners across Australia, whether they are practicing in a single-adviser practice –  or within a large-scale, multi-disciplinary, multi-office corporatised operation.

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